Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving over to a new Blog.

Hey guys, I know only a few of you follow me here, but I just wanted to pass on that I have swapped over to anouther blog that I am working on (and actually posting in).

I even have pictures posted on it.

I hope some of you will be interested in the content.

If not, I may eventually come back here to work more on this..

I am just not interested in 40k right now as a tabletop game. After all the crap with the trade embargos and the costs constantly going up. I just have to play something else for now.

Oh also - If anyone knows where I could get a sister of battle modle I can easily modify and set up to have magnatized arms I would be interested in purchasing it.

I'll probably need 3 with at least one wearign a helm.. if no one has any extras, I'll get onto ebay I guess.

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