Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving over to a new Blog.

Hey guys, I know only a few of you follow me here, but I just wanted to pass on that I have swapped over to anouther blog that I am working on (and actually posting in).

I even have pictures posted on it.

I hope some of you will be interested in the content.

If not, I may eventually come back here to work more on this..

I am just not interested in 40k right now as a tabletop game. After all the crap with the trade embargos and the costs constantly going up. I just have to play something else for now.

Oh also - If anyone knows where I could get a sister of battle modle I can easily modify and set up to have magnatized arms I would be interested in purchasing it.

I'll probably need 3 with at least one wearign a helm.. if no one has any extras, I'll get onto ebay I guess.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Red is the New Silver

I put in my order for my paints I need, so they are on the way.

1 can of Dragon Red - Army Painter Base Coat.
1 can of Matt Hardcoat - Army Painter Finishing Coat.
1 can of Strong Shade - Army Painter Wash.

And 1 bottle of Simple Green. To clean off all my painted GK's.

I know 1 can of Red won't be enough. But for now I can see how many it can do. And work from there.

I have 5 unpainted marines I will test the method on, so I can see if it will work the way I want.

Pictures to follow when there is paint on the minis.

I also might use this to review the Army Painter stuff for those of us who aren't painting masters.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grey Knights - Count down to my wallet emptying

Hello all it has been a while but in truth I have had very little drive to complete or even do anything towards completing or painting anything in my 3 armies..

Untill now.

Here comes my first 40k Love. Back from the dead, breathing fire, and dropping rumors that are making entire regiments of people scream 'CHEEEEEEEESE!!!' and it makes me smile.

A new Daemonhunters codex is comming and I am like an 8 yearold waiting for christmas, and just waiting to see what Santa GW has brought me, and how much I am going to spend on plastic crack to sate my addiction.

I have had a GK codex since they were released. I slowly collected the expensive as hell mini's on a shoestring budget to make sure I wasn't getting what I couldn't afford.. I never really won with them. A few games here and there where my dice decided to work with me on the tactics, but mostly it was a long history of games where I was just happy I was able to have some fun and killed the few things I was aiming for.

But now.. now there is a shining new light of hope for my beleaguered Grey Knights, and I have a plan, it is a cunning plan, one no one suspects, one that shall rise up and take down the heretics and surprize them to no end!!

No one expects the Imperial Inquisition!!

A new Paint Scheme!! As I never really finished the last one. I figure I'll just strip the 15 PAGK's and 10 TAGK's I have and start again. Not hard since all I did last time was undercoat black, and drybrush gunmetal on them.. boring.. common.. I'm Bringing back the Inquisition here people, time for some COLOUR.

And that colour is Red. The Scheme will be Red, Black, with Silver and Bronze detailing.

Blah, blah, blah. Yes Bloodangels, nope don't care, yes red, yes that's a Grey Knight colour, it's the colour scheme of the Inquisition. So I will be starting the slow process of repainting the marines I have right now. Hopefully getting enough of them done in time for the new codex.

Wish me luck.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I love my bits box

When doing any major customization, a bits box is your bestest friend, right next to an ability not to carve your own thumb off with a scalple.

I have never used green stuff, If I have to fill any holes I generally use liquid nails, cheeper to buy, and is easy to carve when dry.

But my looted wagon/3rd battlewagon was a hell of a challange.

I really should have taken photos of this, but I'll get some photos of it pre-basecoat up tomorrow and describe what I did and where I got the parts.. Some of it even amazed me, I mean seriously, you'll never guess what I made the floorboards of the rear troop compartment out of. Oh I also rarely if ever use plasticard.. I just can't seem to do it.. alot of my stuff that I do up are converted or re-used or carved up to suit what I need. I know thats what most others do too. I'm just saying its the way I do it.. I find alot of the stuff I do when it's hand made one off with plasticard and putty.. ends up looking like arse, or I end up hating it so much I buy the real modle to replace it..

But I am really happy how this one came out.. just to get you thinking about it.. it was a classic third ed Leman Russ. It now has that looted fun feel.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tankbusta's without all the metal

Hey all, I promised I'd show some progress, and here it is!!

I have my Tankbusta squad mostly built, it's just a small squad for now, but you gotta start somewhere. None of these are painted, but I wanted to show that even the random leftovers can make a good little squad.

Here are some of the basic troops, this one has a tank Hammer.

The one on the left is a John Woo Fan, and the one on the right found him some hunter seeker missiles, I hope they rub off on the dice.

Here is a Nob with Tankhammer!

Here are some other views!

Yeah so tomorrow morning I'll base coat them, and I'll start painting them in the army theme. Which is ... Dethskulls mmm Mekie goodness. I love a good mek mek list. I love them so much.. Here are some pics of the paint scheme.

20 boyz, 1 nob and a Trukk painted. I'll get some more pictures of those for next time, as I have.. 30 boys, 3nobs, 7 Komandos, Snikrot, 2 Meks, 1 Warboss, a bunch of defkoptas, 2 battlewagons, anouther trukk, 2 deffdreads, 3 kans, 1 looted wagon... and a bunch of other boys as they show up.. ye gods.. what have I started!?! WAAAAGH Grimjaw!! That's what!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something I want to do.

Hello to the world out there, I never know what to say when I start these things, so I am just going to start saying what's going to happen on this blog.

This is where I will post up pictures of my armies as I paint and finish them, where I will gripe and moan about different things about my favourite hobby, where I will happily yammer on about things I love about my hobby..

I also am starting this to make me paint.. to make me get off my ass and get an army finished for once! Three armies and are any of them finished?! some of them I've had for years ... nearly 7 for my Grey knights, and not a finished squad umong the 2000+ points that I own..

I'm working on my orks, there is a tourniment comming up, so I have a drive to get as many painted as I can in time for the tourny, and then keep painting them in time for the next one.. anyway, enough self hate, onwards and upwards and over there to my paints..

Over the course of time that I blog here, I hope to also go through my tactics, my personal ideas of gaming, my plans for the future expansions of my armies.

For example - My next big army expansion that I have been waiting for so long for... The Grey Knights new codex!! Ever since I heard they were earmarked for a new codex in the next year, I've been bouncing off the walls, so many rumors flying about.

Stormravens! Jetbikes! Rending attack upgrades! New Special Characters! New plastic modles! new stuff! I know some of those rumors are baseless, and some are just pure fantasy, but I can still dream about them. And nothings in concrete till GW get out their big pen and sign that final check. I just want the damn book in my hands.. Sorry out there to the other armies still waiting for your dex's that are even older than the GK's, but I a greedy gamer that wants new toys to play with. (Oh and if anyone hears anything about the Inquisitional Stormtroopers getting Valk Transports, please let me know ASAP! I have 2 that are sitting on my shelf and I really hope I can still use them).

Well time to wrap things up, and get on with things. The next post should be of some of my orks that I have painted and converted. As well as a little talk about my painting process if anyone shows any interest.